AMCO Products


AMCO over the past 5 decades has gained great expertise in manufacturing outerwear, sportswear, activewear, and fleecewear for mens, womens and children in all size range.

We have expertise in producing the finest garments within these product range with the most intricate design and specifications.


Introducing new products to buyers to enable them to expand their business. Guiding the supplier in preparation of the products to meet the customer's requirements with regard to fashion, design, quality and price.


Customer Satisfaction

Educate the customer about the characteristics of various fabrics, dyes, printing process and production steps. Listening to the customer requirements and keeping execution of order as per the required agreement.


School uniforms

From nurseries to schools to universities, we strive to serve you with the best quality uniform range.

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Hospital Uniforms

We offer a range of hospital uniforms that exhibit functionality, comfort and professionalism.

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Security Uniforms

Our range of security &military uniforms offers comfort, safety and functional design details for members at all levels of your industry.

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We manufacture all styles in outerwear which include fleece jackets, wind breakers, sports jacket/trousers, bomber jackets, puffer vest, quilted jackets, anorak, varsity jackets, heavy duty parka jackets, lightwear and mid weight jackets.

Sports Wear/Active Wear

Our Sportswear and Activewear range are produced with the best fabrics to ensure comfort and utility while doing any sport or physical exercise. Our product range includes tracksuits, track pants, team jackets, shorts, T-shirts and polo shirts.

Fleece Wear

Fleece is the main fabric for the winter season. We source our fleece from reliable suppliers to ensure good comfort and quality. We have been producing fleece wear in all kinds of jackets, shirts, pants and sweatshirts.