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Brand Development Process

The garment brand development process involves several key steps that help establish and grow a successful clothing brand. Here is a detailed breakdown of the process in AMCO Apparel Manufacturing Fzc:

A technical sheet package for clothing, commonly referred to as a tech pack, is an essential collection of documents that provide comprehensive details and specifications concerning a garment's design, construction, and manufacturing needs. It acts as a channel of communication between the manufacturer and the brand/designer, assuring proper production and reducing errors.

A collection of documents and information known as a garment fabric sourcing package is used to source and acquire fabrics for the manufacture of clothing. It gives crucial information to fabric makers and suppliers, ensuring that the needed fabrics are properly sourced.

A complete set of documents and information that directs the development of a new garment or collection is known as a garment product development package, also known as a product development or design brief. It acts as a vehicle for communication between the brand/designer and the development team, ensuring that the desired product and its specifications are clearly understood.

 A sample develoment mackage involves pattern drafting, cutting & stitching. There is so many adjustments and wash test to develop best sample as per customer need. It includes particular guidelines and data to guarantee accurate sample development.