Our sampling department is a very critical part of our company as every sample we produce is the first step to satisfying our customers. We have a very professional and efficient process which produces quality samples every time.

Computerized Designing

We follow all customer designs as per spec sheet or we can give sample ideas made by our design team according to customer requirement.

Pattern Making

A pattern is the actual copy of a garment that is made by cutting board paper after sketching on it. AMCO has its own patterns based on international size and we also make patterns based on the customer's specific requirements.


We trace the base pattern on our digitizing board for use in the Gerber Accumark CAD system. Therefore patterns are immediately available for modification.


Grading is the process where patterns of different sizes are produced from the base pattern. We use Gerber Accumark software to grade all our patterns according to size charts given by the customer or according to international standards.


We use Gerber Accumark marker making software which generates markers with required production quantities, fabric width, colors and sizes. Marker efficiency is a very important part of garments manufacturing as it helps to maximize fabric consumption thus minimizing wastage and loss of fabric.

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